Hair Tips & Tricks

1.PLEASE PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT!! If you treat your Locs well, it will last for YEARS! 

2.We suggest you seal the wefts! 

3. DO NOT CUT THE WEFTS, if it's a must please seal the ends properly to avoid access shedding! 

4. Please do not use EXCESSIVE heat on the hair, this will lead to split ends and breakage of the hair! 

5. Co-wash hair before installing, with Garnier Sleek and Shine products/ Aussie Moisture (preferred) AND LET AIR DRY (for best results) 

*Please don't use cheap harsh Shampoos containing lots of alcohol, it will only strip and dry the hair COMPLETELY OUT! 

6. Please keep curly/kinky hair moisturized, with leave in conditioner/curl activator to prevent tangling and dryness, finger comb, comb only when wet, or conditioning! 

7.Please use a professional colorist when coloring your hair! DIY, Revlon Color Silk when coloring Jet black!